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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


ImageThere is a lot to do and see depending on your taste for adventure. Asuncion is well known for sport fishing, whether trolling, casting, or spear fishing, you can catch yellow tail, dorado, yellowtin tuna, halibut, sea bass, calico, whitefish, grouper, sheepshead etc. Kayak fishing has become a popular sport here as it is a short paddle to the islands or kelp beds near shore.

There are several surf breaks and great boogie boarding and body surfing. Or you can take a panga to the islands to see the spectacular sea lion colonies (over 7,500 of ‘em) nesting sea birds, seals, dolphins and gray whales from January to May.


 The scuba diving is world class with lots of variation for all levels like wreck dives, shore dives, sea mounts, beautiful kelp forrests at the islands and diving with sealions.




There are miles and miles of great mountain biking paths, horseback riding and hiking throughout the hills and valleys and windy afternoons delight windsurfers & kitesurfers.

Seal Watching in the Panga
You will surely make friends fast here and find yourself invited to the many social functions, like dances, weddings, lobster feasts, barbecues and of course sports events, particularly baseball draws a big crowd of animated fans dancing and singing in support of their team. Bahia Asuncion has their Traditional Fiestas  that run from August 12-16 which include lots of fun events like beach volleyball, car races, dinghy races, live music and dancing, food, rodeo and horse races, a fair with rides for the kids and a big fishing tournament.Image

Visit the Pronghorn Antelope Reserve nearby to see over 200 of these endangered animals up close. They weigh between 75 and 130 pounds, with the males being larger than the females, and stand 31 to 40 inches tall at the shoulder.  About 40% of the females have horns, but they don't get any longer than their ears and never fork.  A buck's horns are up to 15 inches long and have the distinctive prong on the front which gave the species its name.  Another easily observed difference between males and females is the black patch on the jaw below the eye, which only the male has. The horn sheath of the Pronghorn is different from either the antlers of deer or the true horns of cattle or Bison.  Antlers are shed annually and are made of bone.  True horns are never shed and are made of compressed hair (keratin) growing on a bony core.  The horn sheath of a Pronghorn is a little of both.  It is made of keratin growing on a bony core AND it is shed annually.  In addition, the horn sheath is branched in male pronghorns.  True horns are always unbranched.



Looking for Fossils
   Only 15 minutes from  Asuncion  there is a fascinating arroyo where you can hike to see petrified sharks teeth, bones, coral, clams and shells. It is a facinating place the whole familye will love poking around in. A guide is recommended as it is a large area and a local can take you to the most interesting spots. It is illegal  remove or be in the possession of fossils in Mexico so you may look but dont take policy. 


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