What's New in Asuncion
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Tuesday, 04 June 2019

This page provides information about the latest news in Asuncion, road conditions, weather,  fishing reports, events and interesting anecdotes on the area.  


  MEX CELL: 615-155-7197    U.S.A. PHONE # 619-906-8438

         (best to call in the early morning & it doesnt always work)





NEW SEAWALL FOR BAHIA ASUNCION Everyone is happy about the new seawall that will hopefull protect our beautiful beachfront areas of the village. These palms were planted and the new steps are fantastic... it is a great improvement to the village!









REPSOL GAS STATION replaces the Pemex! 

But the gas comes from the same source and prices are the same..only difference is the nicer uniforms and the convenience store closed.







There is a beautiful palapa that serves fresh seafood like ceviche,seafood cocktails, shrimp, scallops, oysters, clams, octopus etc. The ocean view is fantastic watching the kids boogie board and swim and they serve beer too!

 It is operated by Blady, Juanita & Lenin's son..who have Juanitas cafe. It is open Sat-Sun till 5 right on the town beach by where the second hand stands are.


  great beachfront dining!!







 After years of waiting, the village is happy to announce the  opening of the new Pemex gas station...and it even has deisel! Finally reasonably priced fuel and regular business hours from 6:00 am - 10:00 pm. The store will be open in a couple of months too.









Living in a rural village in central Baja is like stepping back in time when life was simpler and everyone knew everyone and cared for each other. This is one of the many things I love about our village. We all help each other out and the expats that live here try hard to assist the villagers wherever they are able.


One of the challenges in small towns is keeping public works programs operating on a very low budget as very often they are not paid or grossly underpaid. Such is it with our local policia. Our police chief and most of the officers are from here so they know everybody. My husband fixes their radios and one day in March the Comandante was visiting us while a lawyer friend of mine and her partner who is a judge from my home town were also visiting.


The friendly talk led to a discussion of how the force operates here and how under budgeted they are. He sadly showed her how threadbare his uniform was and asked if there was some way to get a uniform sent down from Canada as they are prohibitively expensive or unavailable here.


 So my friend Geri Sanson contacted the police chief in Chatham and asked about the possibility of getting some uniforms donated. The Chatham Police department took the task to heart and came up with not one but 20 uniforms that consisted of both blue & white shirts, pants, beautiful jackets and vests!


The next challenge was how to get them across 2 borders and into the hands of our officers. This time of year is when many Canadian snow birds head south so a wonderful couple Tim & Barb from Vernon B.C agreed to pack the 2 big boxes down with them and deliver them personally to Asuncion!


 Needless to say, the Chief and other officers were thrilled with the uniforms and plan to use them for special events. We hope this becomes an annual donation that will keep our police looking dapper!                       














September is storm month in baja but Tropical Storm IVO hit us in late August with gale force  winds & heavy rains that washed out roads and flooded houses.  When storms hit the peninsula, Bahia Asuncion usually receives very little rain so even though people’s roofs leaked we were thankful for the quantity of rain which will soon produce fields of wild flowers and the popular pitahaya cactus fruit.


We had 3 storms in succession, Ivo, Juliette and Lorena(which luckily fizzled out before it reached us) but it has rained 3 times in the last 2 weeks which is a lot for Asuncion.




Another positive aspect of storms is that they push lovely warm water up our way bringing more fish to the area. The fishing is always better after a storm as the fish are hungry so anglers have been getting easy limits of abundant yellowtail, bonita, barracuda & calicos.Not to mention how beautiful the rainbows are!!!


Here is a little slide show of the effects of IVO in Bahia Asuncion.











            Summer is fiesta time in baja sur with the kids out of school and home fromDSC09977 college. Each village has a few days set aside to celebrate…usually on the Saint’s birthday the town was named after. Here in Bahia Asuncion, our Traditional Fiestas are held around the 15th of August, the feast day of the Assumption of Mary, that celebrates the day that God assumed the Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life into Heaven. This year’s fiesta will be held starting Aug.15-18th.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The first day of the fiestas, the statue of Mary is removed from her pedestal in the Catholic Church and paraded through the village as well as taken in a panga around Asuncion Island. The parade leads about 100 horses in a Cabalgata which is like a car rally but with horses where the cowboys and girls don their fancy western attire. Horses come from far and wide to participate and there are usually over a hundred riders. The procession ends at the church where the participants are blessed and a feast follows. In the evening, the queen of the fiestas is crowned at the opening ceremony, fokloric dancers and other performers take the stage and a dance follows with a live band.

The Fiesta last for 4 days chocked full of events for the whole family. There OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAare beach sporting events, a fishing tournament on Sunday Aug.18 for yellowtail open to the public. The entrance fee i 500 pesos for panga fishing for yellowtail and shore fishing fees are 50 peos for kids, 80 pesos for teens and 100 pesos for adults. You must be present at the meeting at 500 on Saturday Aug.17 and have a fishing license. Cash prizes are awarded in several catagories, adults, kids in panga and shore fishing. First prize for yellowtail is 50% of the inscriptions, 2nd prize is 30% and 3rd prize is 20%. The fish is cooked up afterwards at a big community BBQ with live music too.


There are horse races on Aug. 17 & 18th, rodeos, car & motorcycle races on Aug.18th as well as a midway with rides for the kids and food booths every night. There is music everywhere with roving bands at the events as well as big dances every night with 2 live bands.

 It is a very lively festival and the village is full of visiting families from theDSCN0047 surrounding ranches and villages. So if you are in central baja around mid August, come and enjoy the festivities.

 Here is a little video of past fiestas.








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