THIS WEEK in Asuncion

Even during a pandemic, we enjoy our days in Paradise!

April 2021…..We are in our winter season now in Bahia Asuncion with cold winds blowing off the ocean…but that hasn’t stopped our guests from enjoying all Asuncion has to offer! Friends from Europe stayed a couple weeks to wait till the US border opens up to continue their travels and did it all..fished, kayaked, fossil hunted and beach frisbee!

It’s biker season now and here they come!

It was fun having this diverse group visit Asuncion for the first time and discover all the interesting things to do! They explored the fossil valley, visited the lobster cave below the Inn, did a Nature Tour to Asuncion Island to snorkel with sealions, see turtles, seabirds etc. and speared some fish for dinner too.

Things have been pretty quiet as Canada & the United States go into lock down once again. Baja Sur is open for business and appreciates your visit!

The cruising season in underway now with sailboat crews visiting Bahia Asuncion to get fuel, provisions, check internet, shower, stretch their legs and have a fun meal here at La Bufadora Inn. Asuncion is a great place to anchor and have some ashore time.

November has great weather for kayaking to Asuncion Island.

Our guest Jesse has been enjoying using our kayak to paddle to Asuncion Island only a few minutes away where you can see seabird colonies, turtles, fish and play with the thousands of sealions who live there. Guests also like to fish from our kayaks as the fish are right in our front yard!

The big news in town this week is the dead humpback whale that washed up by the arches on Pig Beach on Nov.11. The whole town went to see it as most have never seen a whale close up before. It is starting to smell pretty ripe and is ready to explode. Cause of death is unknown and there have been many humpbacks in our area lately.

November has beautiful weather…I love it we still go to the beach for a swim and the water is nice and warm! Our guests have also been visiting Asuncion Island to play with the sealions and fishing has been spectacular!!

October was a busy month thankfully with mostly fishermen visiting to take advantage of the wide open yellowtail bite AND lobster season! My daughter Sirena has a little bistro and is preparing meals for our guests here at the Inn offering specialties like lobster dinners, lobster in cream of chipotle sauce, gourmet pizzas and salads, seafood tostadas with pulpo & scallops. Our patio has been a busy place with people from all walks of life solving the worlds problems! haha

I am so relieved that things are picking up now with more visitors coming down who are happy to finally escape lock down! Here are some of our guests enjoying themselves. The weather has been perfect and calm for fishing, snorkeling and kayaking.

A friend of ours took these folks from La Paz out sailing and snorkeling with the sealions…they were thrilled!

Things have been pretty slow with only a few guests passing through. It’s always so fun to meet new Baja aficionados and exchange stories! Here are some of our esteemed visitors.

There is an unusual mortality of pinnipeds the last few weeks where about 150 dead sealions, seals and elephant seals have washed up on our local beaches making it impossible to enjoy the beach due to the stench. Blood and tissue samples were taken and we are waiting to find out the results.


All our guests have been fishing this week from our panga, from the beaches and spearfishing. I have been busy making sashimi and seared yellowtail on the patio for the gang here.

Carl & Debra were thriled with their first time fishing in the Pacific and first time catching yellowtail…pretty much every cast!

For dinner, Tomas & Anaberta from Restaurant Sunset(AKA Loncheria Mari) have prepared the catch of the day. This was my favorite..

The full moon was spectacular and I was stoked to get a good photo of it with my new camera!

We love catering to our biker amigos…these brothers had a blast here!

Aug.29 Surf & fishing at Los Choros!

We took our guests Willy & Lauren to our favorite beach to surf and fish with great success! Then we prepared a local dish called agua chile with the yellowfin croakers….delicioso! Here are some highlights of our beach day!

The beaches are open for exercising, swimming, surfing, kayaking & shore fishing(halibut are plentiful right now).

My grandson is learning to surf now that the water has finally warmed up. The kids enjoy boogie boarding, body surfing & sand caste building of course!


Aug.19 – The ocean temperatures have finally warmed up so the yellowtail we are famous for are back in town! Our guest David Thornton caught some nice fish in the 20-30 pound range & locals are catching dorado, calico bass, bonita and whitefish. Fishing season ON!!!

I prepared sashimi, seared yellowtail & fish tacos when David brought back the fish and smoked the bonita to feed friends on the patio!

August 20

Hurricane Genevieve cooled her temper and went west so we only got about 35 knots of wind here, no rain and about an 8′ swell. The local kids get to surf in the middle of town on a south swell so it’s fun to watch them and the waves too.