Gazing into the eye of a whale is a humbling, life changing encounter you will never forget!

Gray whale love

Naturalist guide Shari Bondy and her crew invite you to experience the magic with them in the gray whale calving lagoon near Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

gray whale smile shows baleen

The magic begins when an intimate group of whale watchers set out to make friends with the whales & their babies. You will not only see great numbers of gray whales up close and personal, but also learn their story. learn what they are doing as well as the history and ecology of the world’s largest calving lagoon Ojo de Liebre(Scammons Lagoon).

gray whale mother & baby
mother lifting bay to the boat

There can be up to 2,000 mothers and babies in the lagoon at the peak of the season after mid February. The gray whales are birthing & mating in January. They nurse and teach their calves skills to prepare them for the long migration north. Visit the lagoon from January-March.

Spy Hopping Gray Whale

It is fascinating to respectfully observe whales in their natural habitat. See whales going about their daily routines, teaching the calves about boats & how to interact with humans. We name and recognize many whales from years past by taking identification photographs.

Shari & Sirena Bondy

After 25 years of guiding & studying whales in both British Columbia, Canada & Baja California Sur, Mexico,  my daughter Sirena & I have seen and experienced things most people only dream about. Over the years and thousands of hours on the water among the whales, we have learned first hand about their life and witnessed countless extraordinary encounters between humans & whales. It is with great pleasure we share these tales and whale knowledge with our guests on our personally guided trips.

Gray Whale in Ojo de Liebre

Lagoon magic is very real to me as my daughter Sirena, (which means mermaid in Spanish), was conceived and raised on the shores of the mystical lagoon with the sound of thousands of breathing whales in the background. She grew up in the company of whales and has become a magnificent guide in her own right!

So if you wish have a unique, educational, intimate whale experience, contact me for available dates and let us share the Whale Magic with you!

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